Rejuvenate your skin, restore your glow, at Deco De Mode Toronto now offering the revolutionary HydraFacial treatment. HydraFacial facial treatments are perfect for people that want a long lasting facial treatment in a non invasive procedure.

Treat yourself to a HydraFacial

Daily life in Toronto is hard on your skin. Sun damage, pollution stress, diet all have effect on our skin. Our skin like other areas of our bodies require attention, a HydraFacial treatement from Deco De Mode Toronto is a great start to restoring and rejuvenating your skin.

HydraFacial's treatments can address these common skin conditions:
• Fine lines & wrinkles
• Dark spots
• Elasticity
• Redness
• Pigmentation
• Large Pores
• Acne

HydraFacial Treatments

The best and newest version of Hydrafacial machine is now available at Deco De Mode. Patented technology that cleanse, extract, and hydrate's the skin.

Signature – $225
Includes Blue LED Light Therapy and extended extractions. This HydraFacial® is great for purifying and cleaning oily/acne-prone skin with congestion, rosacea, and excessive whiteheads or blackheads.

Deluxe HydraFacial – $275
Includes an addition of LED Light Therapy and prescribed corrective specialty booster to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. LED Light Therapy: Light therapy is the application of light energy to the skin for therapeutic benefit. LED light therapy provides an excellent finishing touch to the HydraFacial treatment.

Platinum HydraFacial – $315
This treatment includes an additional lymphatic drainage, LED Light Therapy (Deluxe HydraFacial) plus your choice of NEW Booster options: Murad Vita-C, Murad Retinol or NassifMD Hydraglucan to improve the appearance of skin tone and minimize the look of wrinkles, for brighter skin.

We Love Your Skin

Talk to us at Deco De Mode about your HydraFacial post-treatment skin care.