• Easy at home eyebrow maintenance kit

Easy at home eyebrow maintenance kit

Having too much brow is more often better than having too little, and giving your thick brows a little shape is the best way to polish up your look. Without venturing outside of your brow mapping, clean up accordingly:

  1. After mapping your brows, take a spoolie and brush the hairs up, and trim any stray hairs along the top edge of your brows using a small, curved brow scissor with a rounded tip. “Don’t pull or push too much and just trim the ends,” advises McQuarrie.
  2. Using a good pair of tweezers, tackle any stray hairs that fall outside of your brow map, both below and above the brow.
  3. Set with brow pencil to set unruly brows in place and keep everything nice and symmetrical.
  4. Note: When reshaping, go slowly and tweeze one hair at a time: you can always take more away, but once you pull it, the hair is gone!


At Deco De Mode we take our Brows very seriously. With this at home Rescue Kit you will be able to tame your brows and have them looking on point! 

Kit Includes:

  • Tweezers
  • Brow Trimming Scissors
  • Mascara Wand
  • Brow Pencil

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