• ZGTS Clinicares Treatment Solution

ZGTS Clinicares Treatment Solution

ZGTS Clinicares Treatment Solution - Gold-plated mesoroller (1mm long needle). It makes the skin more elastic, tightens it and helps to reduce age wrinkles, scars and stretch marks decrease.

The professional ZGTS mesoroter is equipped with 1 mm gilded titanium needles and laser sharpening. Factory 100%, the original. It is recommended for use at home with the addition of serums or cocktails for the face. It is a non-injection method of delivering the active components of concentrates into the deeper layers of the skin, as can be seen after the first procedure. Mesorollar is actively used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. The drug allows you to quickly achieve results comparable to injections of "beauty."

Recommendations of the cosmetologist: Before the procedure we process the mesoroller. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and soak with a towel. Then we put on the cleared skin the necessary concentrates or cocktails under the mesoroller. We let them soak in, then we start working as a mesoroller, rolling them the necessary areas of the skin of the face in three directions: vertically, horizontally and diagonally (to the right and to the left). Each site is rolled by a mesoroller at least 3-5 times. The effect itself should be light enough to resemble a massage. Treated skin mesorollerom need to calm down with the help of special masks, ideally alginate. At the end of compulsory application of a soft, moisturizing cream with SPF-factor. Frequency of application: no more than one procedure per week for each zone (total time of skin regeneration after mesoroller is 2-3 days, depending on skin type).

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