Toronto's #1 Nail Spa

The Essential: For those of you who don't want too many frills, the essential mani or pedi offers your choice of nail color, an herbal soak, a cuticle trim, nail shaping and polish application by one of our talented artists. 

The Spa : This service includes the Essential manicure or pedicure, along with a relaxing massage, exfoliating scrub, and a paraffin treatment.                                                                           

Gel Polish: Our gel polish manicure is the long-lasting gel polish that everyone is raving about. Choose your color from our wide variety of OPI and Akzentz colors, then sit back and relax as we create your perfect look. The best part about Gel – no drying time! We use leading LED technology to safely and quickly secure your polish - it isn't going anywhere!

Hard Gel Extensions: Ideal for people with soft nails, short nail beds, damaged nails or the nail biters who want to make a statement. Start using your nails as an accessory and create the perfect look to match your personality. Choose your shape, your length, and your look!



Essential Mani– $45
Spa Mani– $60
Gel Polish Mani $65
Gel Polish Removal & Application– $65
Gel Polish w/ Rubber Base $70

Essential Pedi– $70
Gel Polish Pedi– $70
Spa Pedi– $85
(Includes gel or regular polish)

Sculpted Nails
Hard Gel New Set– $115
Hard Gel Fill– $85
Hard Gel Removal– $25
Acrylic Removal– $30

Nail Art from $15
French or Ombre Style– $15
Nail Repair $10
Paraffin Dip$15
Gel Polish Removal $15


We use the highest quality products including OPI polishes, and we have also made an effort to be aware of our environment for our SCENT-sitive customers by using scent free gel nail builders.
  • Gel polish doesn't require any "drying" time, as it uses an LED light to quickly and safely secure the polish.
  • We can add glitter, icons, charms or stamps to your polish for a little punch of fun.
  • Depending on how fast your nails grow, you will need to come in for a fill every 2-3 weeks.


  • DO make sure you have enough time - if you are getting a regular nail polish give yourself an extra 40min for the polish to completely dry
  • DO remember your flip flops if you are getting a Pedicure
  • DO moisturize your cuticles and hands on regular basis
  • DO apply cuticle oil almost every 5 hours - ask your nail technician about our favorite mango magic cuticle oil 
  • DO your research and know what length and look you are after. If you are unsure, your nail artist can answer your questions and provide suggestions
  • DO keep looking online for new nail art ideas and come ready to share your fresh picks with us


  • DON'T bite your nails
  • DON'T use your beautiful nails as a  tool - they are not pop can openers, screw drivers or gardening tools
  • DON'T pick - if your nail extensions start to lift at all please phone us to book a complimentary nail fix 
  • DON'T use any tints without gloves - applying hair colour, cutting beets, cooking with tumeric, dying easter eggs, etc... with your french manicure - this can instantly damage your gorgeous nails
  • DON'T peel your gel polish off - please phone us to book your nail fix
  • DON'T wait 3-4 weeks for your fill appointment - this is too long to wait and will mean you need a new full set