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Deco De Mode Toronto understands the benefit of having a facial; not only does it make an instant difference to the way you look and feel, but it also prepares the skin so you can get maximum results from your daily skincare regime.

With the ever increasing demand for results driven skin solutions using modern technologies and science we are happy to announce our new services for you all!

With an expert mix of cosmeceutical treatments combined with high-tech systems, create a facial regime specifically designed for you to deal with your needs and concerns, to give you the ultimate in personalised skincare with noticeable, effective, long term results


Radio Frequency Facial

What is Radio Frequency?

This trending facial is the perfect tightening and lifting treatment that will leave your skin looking refined and contoured. No need for contour kits! Radio frequency  is a proven and safe treatment that improves skin tone and texture, providing a rejuvenation effect.


  • Stimulates and increases natural collagen production
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Improves blood and lymphatic flow
  • Improves acne
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Breaks down fat
  • It is very good at reducing fatty deposits under the chin and other stubborn areas all over the face.


Single Facial -  $100 
Series of 3 - $250

Series of 6 - $400

Series of 12 - $600 

How does it work?

Radio frequency energy is a form of radio waves which when delivered at a frequency, causes gentle heating in the skin, without any burning. During a treatment the machine is used to heat the skin between 38-40 degrees. 

This causes:

  • Tissue retraction as collagen fibres contract
  • Collagen formation
  • Improved circulation

How long will each session take?

The entire Radio Frequency facial can take between half an hour to an hour.

How often should you get a Radio Frequency Facial?

Treatments should have at least one week between sessions.  Depending on your skincare goals we recommend a series of 3-12 sessions.

When will I start to see results and how long do they last? 

You will start to see the tightening and lifting affects of the Radio Frequency Facial procedure immediately. This facial has long-lasting affects for up to 3-6 weeks after your first treatment. The Radio Frequency method process helps to firm the face, especially along the jowls and upper neck, and tighten the eyes, reducing creeping of the skin and hooding, and cuts down on the under eye bagginess. . 

Are there any side effects, discomfort or downtime involved?

Side effects of the Radio Frequency method are virtually zero, however you may notice some slight redness after the treatment. There is no discomfort only a gentle heating in the skin.

There is also no downtime with this facial - you could easily have a treatment at lunchtime and go out that evening looking simply amazing!  

Does Radio Frequency help reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

It is a great treatment for softening fine lines - especial the lines around the nose and mouth. This facial will lift the cheeks and tighten the jawline, so it's great for age prevention.

Who is Radio Frequency best suited for?

This facial is suitable for all skin types, however those with Rosacea or have broken capillaries should not use this treatment.

Anyone experience loss of firmness and find they are suffering from a dullness in their skin will really benefit from this facial.

OxyGel Therapy Facial

This skin treatment helps to maintain the balance of both skin's "Oil & Moisture" which enhances skin texture.

Supplying moisture to the skin is absolutely essential to healthy looking skin. By enchancing cell metabolism, improving oxygenation and nutrient flow to the skin, facials lines improve significantly.


Single Facial -  $180